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Freitag & Sonntag

24.01. - 26.01.2020

Community Sulzbrunn / Allgäu


For all those who do not spend the winter in Goa or Bali, we bring the summer and the spirit of the Ecstatic Dance to wintry Allgäu. This weekend, we are building a temple together to explore ourselves freely in dance and movement. Every dance becomes a small ceremony in itself.

We embark on a musical and personal journey of discovery of our body and mind, celebrating the magic of life and its beauty. Together in the community, we create a sacred and safe space to meet each other, as well as to let it fall freely and openly.

We invite you to explore all aspects of your human existence as well as your emotions while dancing without any evaluation. With ourselves and with one another, we express in dance our inner strength, our delicacy, our inner child and our vulnerability.

We fall into a trance, we play, are mindful, curious and explore. Let us feel our bodies, touch our souls, lose ourselves, and reconnect. With every movement say thank you for this wonderful gift of life and all the loving people in it.


and a wonderful place to

just be


Community Sulzbrunn is a conscious community with a colourful mix of about 35 people from all ages. They all following a common goal, developing as well as exploring sustainable life models in which people can discover and develop their full potential and actual purpose. Models of life in which they are careful and aware – with themselves and their environment.

Their vision is to be aware and respectful to themselves, other people, animals and plants. They are seeing the good in the other and support and encourage each other. Sharing the awareness that everything is interconnected and that there is a spiritual reality greater than our personal one. Friendship, joy of life, personal growth, overcoming crises and creativity is their expression of a successful community life.

It is a research project in which knowledge and experience will be gathered, tested and passed on. They are working on self-sufficiency in areas such as community-based organic agriculture and permaculture, herbal biotopes, workshops for wood, metal, art and other fields. They already established several gardens, growing and harvesting almost all year long thanks to the two huge heated greenhouses.

In the economical field, they seek a system where the individual serves not only himself but the common good. Building a sustainable, ecological and resource-efficient way of life and cooperate with similarly motivated projects in the region is another big part of their vision. They participating in regional solutions for energy, electricity, water, ecological construction and ecologically sustainable solutions for transport. Besides to the ecological expansion of existing houses, they thrive towards an implementation of more innovative forms of living such as Earthships.

The property of the community covers an area of ​​15.5 hectares, half of which consists of forest and meadows. Next to it are – like a small village – seven buildings with a usable area of ​​around 5,000 square meters. On top of that is it connected to one of the oldest iodine medicinal springs in Europe, which is providing the community with fresh, healthy, and mineral rich spring water.

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